Welcome to Sogetsu San Francisco Bay Area Branch. We are celebrating 40 years of presenting the art of Sogetsu Ikebana to our community and countless visitors. Through the Branch’s programs, we hone our members’ artistic skills, ever mindful of the words of Sogetsu’s founder, Sofu Teshigahara (1900 – 1979), that “Ikebana is a formative art” which stresses individual creativity. Through our biennial flower shows, we present the many varied styles of Sogetsu Ikebana.

Save the Date!!   May 24th


On May 24th, Robyn Soyo Torres will present a program on the Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu) and flower arrangements (Chabana) for the tea room.  The principals underlying Ikebana and Chabana are quite different.  As Robyn says,"Chabana brings the beauty of nature nd the seasons into the tea room. Chabana also brings about a sense of calm and comtemplation.  It serves as a point of discussion as the tea is being prepared and served."  Please join us for this exciting look into another aspect of the Japanese arts.  More information to follow.  

The Calendar page contains the dates for the 2014 Branch programs.  Please mark the dates in your calendars.

ArtScape 2014, our biennial flower show, is schedule for September 27 and 28, 2014.  Information and announcements about this event can be found by clicking the ArtScape tab.

Director Brown's April newsletter is now available.  Click here to down load.

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